About Tofino Co-op

Tofino Consumers Co-operative is one of  212 independent Co-operatives which own and use FCL (Federated Co-operatives Limited) which provides central wholesaling, manufacturing and administrative services to its member-owners.

Established in 1948 Tofino Consumers Co-operative has grown along with the community of Tofino, British Columbia and operates 4 locations: Foodstore, Gas Bar, Hardware Store and Tofino Life Clothing.

Tofino Consumers Co-operative had sales of $19,985,392 in 2015, returned 5.0 % patronage to it’s Members and employs approximately 65 people within the Tofino area. In 2015 our Co-operative had 2,795 active Members.

Tofino is located on West Side of Vancouver Island along the Pacific Ocean and is at the end of Highway #4.   View Map

Food Store Built in 2009

Food Store Built in 2009

Food Store Interior