Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


 What a Ten Dollar Membership Can Do

  • Allow You to Obtain Allocation and Cashback on a Percentage of Your Yearly Purchases (example spend $10,000 at your Co-op with a 5% Member Patronage Allocation > $250.00 to your equity and $250.00 in Cash Back > less witholding tax)
  • Allows You Access to Member Special Events (Sratch N Save Events)
  • Allows You a Say (vote) within a Democratic Business
  • Be a Part of a Local Community Minded Business Whose Mission is to Serve It’s Members

Tofino Consumers Co-op Membership

  • 10 Year Average of 5.9% Allocated Savings
  • Your Membership is Valid at all 4 of Our Locations
  • Maximum Member Equity $1,000 ( once a Member has reached $1,000 in their equity account any further allocations are paid back yearly in cash)
  • At age 65 Membership Equity may be Applied For (only $10 Membership Share is retained > all further allocations paid out in cash)
  • Be Part of Organization with over $11,800,000 in Assets
  • Equity is paid out if you leave the Community

Need a Membership? Simple

Visit the Administration Office at the Food Store